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NUTRITECH® GORILLA GAINER is a plant based anabolic post-workout muscle growth agent, naturally flavoured and sweetened with natural Stevia Leaf Extract. Muscles need carbs to grow and the body will select carbs for recovery first; the advanced GORILLA GAINER formula is engineered with a 69,3 gram multi-stage 5-source carbohydrate blend, including patented Cluster Dextrin®, Palatinose®, oats and potato providing the muscles with a sustained and timed release of energy. Designed to promote rapid increases in size and strength, and when taken as directed, the GORILLA GAINER formula delivers a Groddlike dose of 400 Calories, 28g of Protein derived from pea protein isolate sourced from GMO free golden peas grown in the USA, 3g Creatine Monohydrate and 20 Vitamins and Minerals.

PEAS One of the biggest challenges of following a vegan diet is getting the right amount of quality protein from the most natural source available. For NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER we have sourced GMO free, US grown, golden peas for their higher bioavailability, with 28g of protein per serving to increase your protein intake, gluten, dairy and lactose free.

POTATOES To build mass and establish your reign as King of the Jungle, you will need to consume a large number of calories throughout the day to promote muscle development. Carbohydrates are required for you to fill your muscles with glycogen; glycogen is the collection of carbohydrates stored in your muscles that powers your training and affects anabolism; think of it as an energy stockpile. We went back to the brass tacks and dug up the firm favourite of the bodybuilder’s diet and added it to the NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER carbohydrate blend, potatoes. These starchy complex carbohydrates provide a significant amount of calories in order to meet your macronutrient requirements.

OATS Just like the mountain gorilla, we went straight to nature and sourced one of nature’s ideal muscle building food, oats, including it to the NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER carbohydrate blend. Oats is a slow digesting complex carbohydrate, containing the not only carbs, but protein too, necessary for building muscle, increasing strength, and supporting muscle function and digestive health with the naturally occurring the micronutrients and fiber.

CREATINE Creatine gives you the edge in getting the best out of each rep and set. Creatine Monohydrate is perhaps the most researched strength and performance supplement on the market. Because creatine is not found in any plant foods and is critical for increasing your muscle energy and recovery needed to reach your strength and power goals, we have added an optimal dose to the advanced NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER formula.

CLUSTER DEXTRIN® We all know that muscles need carbs to grow and the body will select carbs for recovery first, but it still takes a carefully formulated carbohydrate blend to achieve the Groddlike gains you are after. NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER makes use of a 5-source carbohydrate blend, including the highly specialized carbohydrate compound Cluster Dextrin® which pumps up the sarcoplasm levels in your muscles to deliver the 3g Creatine payload. Cluster Dextrin® is highly soluble in water, moving quickly from your NUTRITECH® shaker cup, through your stomach, to your gut where it is absorbed, transported and pumped into your muscles along with the Creatine payload to assist with strength and recovery times.

PALATINOSE® Another super-carb we have added to the NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER carbohydrate blend is Palatinose®, this energy resource has a more balanced glycemic effect when compared to other cheaper carbohydrate sources, ensuring you get the gains and energy you are after, without the crash.

STEVIA Derived from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana, native to South America, Steviol Glycosides or Stevia provides a natural sweet taste to NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER. Stevia provides zero calories due to the fact that the extract is completely metabolized in the human body; used in South America, Japan and China as an alternative to sugar for years, it just made sense to add Stevia as the sweetener of choice to NUTRITECH® VEGAN GORILLA GAINER.




Mix 2 scoops (approx. 100g) with 250ml of water in a NUTRITECH® shaker. Shake thoroughly and drink within 30 minutes of completing your workout. Take 2-3 servings per day, or as required to satisfy your daily calorie needs. To achieve an amazingly thick milkshake taste, use unsweetened almond milk.