VITATECH® Vitamin D3 Gummies
VITATECH® Vitamin D3 Gummies

VITATECH® Vitamin D3 Gummies

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VITAMIN D3 (1000iu)

All the benefits of vitamin D3, in a delicious & juicy gummy!

Vitatech® aims to meet your daily health needs through vitamin and mineral supplementation. Whether caring for your family, giving it your best at work or just trying to improve your overall health, we believe we have the solution for you.Our range of Vitatech® gummies provides you with a delicious and juicy gummy, filled with the necessary vitamins and/or minerals to help support your daily health needs.

What are the benefits of using Vitatech Vita D3 Gummies?

Vitamin D is necessary for normal absorption & utilization of calcium & phosphorus, cell division, normal bone structure, contributes to calcium & phosphorus absorption, maintenance of normal bones & teeth, muscle function, immune system function, role process of cell division.